Saturday, July 08, 2006

Cooling Glasses

South Indians love their leaders and actors in sunglasses. To understand why it is so, we must take the laws of nature into account, and accept that any kind of protective eyewear is a leap ahead in evolution, an instrument that wields an immense competitive advantage, similar to the English Longbow, in the harsh , sunburnt tropical heartland of South India.
Logically, this evolutionary advantage also leads us to conclude that men wearing sun glasses are more capable of heroic deeds, acts of selfless gallantry and kinship, and producing ideal and copious amounts of sperm for future offspring.

This tool was first used by the outsiders initially. Those who weren't native to the Tamil heartland have used this symbol with great success in their efforts to colonise the Dravidian heartland. MGR the Mallu, and Thalaivar Rajnikant, aka bus conductor Shivajirao Gaekwad from Karnataka are two chief examples of men who hid their ethnicity under the glinty scorpion black metal sheen of their cooling classes. This symbol became so powerful, that other cultures, and their cultural ambassadors attemped to copy this tactic.

Later on, this tool was indigenised used by Tamil natives themselves, as
they freed themselves from the yoke of foreign domination, adopting the symbolism, and the glowing attributes now attached to this powerful , potent symbol. Their answer to the longbow was the longbow.

It is sad to see the 'Cooling Glass' being phased out onerously by the younger generation; the symbol is perhaps too burdensome for the likes of their progeny. But in this video, the symbol is immortalised, sealed forever, raised to godlike proportions, all while two goons with the force of a freight train. In conclusion, it's the best youtube video evar.

The glint factor is very important in any pair cooling glasses, as demonstrated here, tollywood hero Chiranjeevi is wearing glasses that reflect harsh overpowering studio lights, with the cumulative brighness of a thousand suns.


Skullsalad said...

lmao.. best entry yet : )

Slumberbum said...

Not to forget that Rajnikant is not really south Indian. He only moved there cause they paid ST conductors more

neowino said...

any chance of an upcoming post about that sun tv staple known as Todai venum?

Hiren said...

Very interesting indeed. Some politicians also do the same perhaps for a different reason.

longge said...