Sunday, August 20, 2006


Penn and Teller are turning skepticism into entertainment. Their network TV series Bullshit! is a brilliant idea for a TV show, just have two guys rant and bust some of the stupidest cults centred around faith, the paranormal, or advertising. It's like Mythbusters meets George Carlin.

One of my favourite episodes is Holier than Thou, in which they effectively argue that Mother Teresa was a sadistic and cruel figure whose intention was not to help or heal the poor and the sick, but to use suffering as a means of bringing them closer to Christ.
Money donated to Missionaries of Charity never went on building hospitals but on nunneries. Dr. Aroup Chatterjee has spent a lot of his time trying to salvage the reputation of his city - Calcutta, which Mother Teresa used as a base to collect donations from all around the world, which were then remitted to party HQ in Rome. I got reading and found this free e-book. Too long probably, so read this open letter to her by the author. Missionaries of Charity is not about charity, it's about money.

Even more awesome are the attacks on Gandhi, where they bring his aura points a few notches down. A Maha aatma? Definitely not. Apparently during his time in South Africa he published a few articles where his view of the Africans was quite racist and bigoted. But they all were, back in the day. But they really don't have much meat on Gandhi, except for his approval of enemas, and how he used to carry an enema kit around with him..

And last but not the least, they attack the Dalai Lama, whose Hallmark cards style of compassion is supposed to be the answer to all your problems. If he really was all about love and peace, what was he doing receiving funds from the CIA for training guerilla operatives?

I'm currently checking out some of their other episodes, theres plenty to watch on google video. Should keep me busy on this holiday.


A list of P&T episodes

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