Friday, August 18, 2006

Drive-by Clickin..

1/4th of all the world's cranes are in Dubai. I read that in the paper a while ago. It seems like a ridiculous claim, but you can't look at any part of Dubai's skyline without seeing a few tower cranes jutting out. There's always some kind of construction activity going on.

I thought it would be a great idea to go and take photos of the Palm Jumeirah from the inside, since I live so close to it.

It's a Friday morning, 10:30 AM in Bur Dubai. These men in blue work at 40 degree heat, for less than about $250 a month. Yes it's exploitation, but the real exploitation starts at home, in India.

We're on our way, snaking through Satwa..

On the right, you can see Dubai Drydocks, on the left, the Dubai flagpole, which is really tall.

That's Mc Donalds, in Arabic..

Villas to the Left, villas to the right. That's Jumeirah for ya..

One more Mc Donalds, not too far from the last one!

Man with small penis compensates by driving Nissan Armada. Dubai has a lot of 4x4's. Hummers are growing annoyingly common too. Some egos wouldn't fit in small cars.

The Jumeirah Beach hotel.

The Burj. Can you see the Star Trekkish helipad?

Dubai Marinah, another rising cluster of Really Tall Buildings.

I found this board which pointed to the Palm Construction Entrance, so I took a turn to get some better shots.

This bridge connects to the Palm Island Jumeirah.

We're driving on reclaimed land.

It was a friday, but a lot of people were still working.. the energy of the place was quite intense. The deadline of completion is quite harsh, and everyone is working at breakneck pace.

That's the Dubai Marina from the Palm Island.

My Indian brethren wait for their bus home in the afternoon. I am refused entry beyond this point, since I have no official reason to be here. :( Oh well. I was probably pushing my luck by going in this far.

It's time to head back, through Sheikh Zayed road.

That's an Indoor ski dome.

You can find it in the Mall of the Emirates. which is Really Huge.

Dubai Business Bay, being built..

The skyline to the left.. is a Billboard.

The Burj. Rising at the rate of 1 floor a week.

These cluster of buildings are all but completed. feels awesome to drive through them. The traffic sucks in the evenings though.

And well, that's pretty much it. I get tired of uploading pics.

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Man with small penis compensates by driving Nissan Armada