Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Captain Awesome

I just read Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman last night, and more than anything, it made me reconsider my narrow minded and focused take on life. Some think it's great to obsess, but to just have one all-consuming obsession, I would consider narrowminded.

This guy was a scientist, samba drummer, artist, writer, teacher, father, tinkerer, ladies man, always sharpening his skills, learning new languages, jumping streams.. He tinkered with a lot of things, pulled a lot of pranks, and never sacrificed liberty for decorum. I think his vitality is commendable, perhaps, also the source of his genius.


Maya2in1 said...

you're stil young, still time to catch up and I think you're on the right path :-)

MellowDrama said...

heh..I have it with me - bagged it frm my mum in law who is a prolific reader. Well, I know one ought to read it, esp considering I did major in Physics but somehow I cannot stick with non-fiction - the closes I came to was Freakonomics, World is Flat and the Ape and the something or the other -about animal behavior. I must change my ways in 2007. Really