Thursday, November 02, 2006

Faith in Humanity--

"I think you should be allowed to own a Humvee, I just think that when you go to buy it, like when you sign it, so that it's yours, you just get hit in the back of the head with a roll of fuckin' quarters in a sock, then just wake up in Iraq with a gun and they go, 'Oh yeah, you have to get the oil yourself. You can drive it all you want, you just have to get the gasoline by yourself.'"
- Patton Oswalt

I wish we could draft these fat fucks who're gulping down the spoils of war by buying even more SUVs even after they've felt the sting of rising gas prices. and it's not like they're particularly safe either.


Avinash said...

Since you've cited Chomsky as being one of your favourites, it's interesting to see you target the consumer as the one guilty of consumptive excesses. Interested to know your stance on this. Is it the big, bad corporate machine wielding its marketing prowess to blindside us naive simpletons into gorging our faces whilst accelerating our inevitable destruction, or would you rather see (lack of) personal responsibility, sensibility and decency (education?) highlighted as the root cause of all evil/stupidity?

On a side note - PO'd at everything that's wrong with the world? I recommend a healty dose Nihilism '06. Have it while it's hot. Works therapeutic wonders, believe you me.

You have my e-mail address. Would like to discuss this further.

Sriram said...

I don't know what Chomsky has to do with the appealing to the reptilian part of the consumer's brain, but maybe you're referring to the US's global hegemony and control of oil resources.

You know what they say, wealth is always relative to what your neighbour has. In order to maintain a class system and heirarchy, you always have to be more affluent. So maybe these SUV's are an instrument of denial to third world countries oil that they could surely use.

But that's a hogwash theory. The real reason is petty reptilian ego (A desire to appear big) and blind imitation.

Nihilism doesn't work for me. Absurdism does.