Sunday, November 05, 2006

He's going the distance..

I've been jogging religiously for the last three months(okay on and off to be honest, but more on than off!), and it's one of the most therapeutic things ever.

Why you might ask? Because it's a full body high, and it gives you a buzz that goes on all day.
When you get your body racked in pain, it secretes endorphins, (endo-morphine) which can be a real kick, and that's just the hangover!

I claim to be no expert in running, especially long distance, since I've been a heavy smoker for over 5 years. But I've been slowly cleaning my lungs out, and I'm on a snus methadone program to cope with my nicotine fixation. (Cigarettes suck) My personal best is 10 kilometres on a treadmill, in an air conditioned gym. Now since the weather is tolerable in Dubai, I run around Zabeel Park, cause it's cheaper than a gym membership. I can manage 6 kilometres without taking a break. I hope to compete for the Standard Chartered Marathon in Jan next year and finish the half way course. (10 kms)

Some jogging tips:
Jogging is all about rhythm. It's a very high impact exercise, and can wreck havoc on your knees and joints, which is what tires you out. The key is to glide through, using your hands as pendulums to give lift, using the momentum to power the next stride.

Wear shorts and sleeveless t-shirts. Less friction and resistance matters a lot in the long run.

Watch your breath. If you're panting hard, you got a few hundred feet of steam, so you can either slow down or burn out.

Always keep a bottle of water handy. Since I run in circles around Zabeel park, I keep my bottle of water at the starting point of the lap, and it keeps me motivated to complete the circle!

Jogging is best done on an empty bowel and an empty stomach, while being well hydrated.

Sleep is very important too. I seem to run pretty badly on days where I haven't gotten enough.

Find a partner who's better than you. There are many joggers whom you can run with to improve your speed.

Music helps set the pace, but once you tire out, your body automatically finds the most efficient gait and stride.

Wear a headband and a sweatband, especially if you're listening to music on headphones. Copious amounts of sweat can short the headphones and make em go bzzzzt!.

If you're running out of steam, try changing your rhythm and mix it up a bit. I run the first lap on my calf muscles, by leaning forward slightly, by the second and third lap, I use my hands more.

And if you're absolutely exhausted midway, slow down until you can control your breath again, and pick up the pace.


McGun said...

cant beleive u jog, wherez the proooof? any morning jog pic :)

Maya2in1 said...

That's the spirit :-)

Maya2in1 said...

by the way- I took my camera for jogging today- you can check on my blog...

Siddharth said...

yo.. whats this methadone program? i quit and quit quitting again!!