Monday, December 18, 2006 (Sign-in) a Bliki for Enterprise Collaboration (Blog + Wiki) is the flagship product of Cynapse, a privately held company based in Delaware.'s focus is on taking the principles of zero barrier, freeform, social and emergent software apps and applying them to the enterprise market. is targetted at internal and accross organizational teams, irrespective of
whether they are in large enterprises, small and medium-sized
businesses, or non-profit organizations. provides a centralized single place for team members to store information about a team project like documents, presentations, timelines, task lists etc. Email is no longer an ideal technology for aligning and sharing deliverables. A single knowledge worker can easily generate 25,000 e-mails per year; a company with 100,000 employees could find itself with 2.5 billion e-mails in its archives. Searching through these plethora of emails for the correct document is an inefficient way of working.

The other problem with email is that the anti-spam servers might block messages, attachments are generally blocked by corporate firewalls and the flow of a discussion is not maintained. is a serious collaboration service for businesses. works as well for two users as it does for 1,000 and can be adopted granularly. offers a free-for-life Professional Edition and a paid Enterprise Edition. Each free site gets 25MB of storage for 2 users, whereas the Enterprise Edition can be scaled infinitely depending on the requirements. has a self explanatory, de-jargonized, 100% WSYSIWYG user interface. Any data in is simply a note. A note could contain rich textual content, pictures, media, categorization tags, or files of any type.

Creation of content in's web based editor is as simple as making a document in Office. Attaching files to a note is very easy and adding in-line images to the content of the note is just a click away. No HTML. No FTP.

This note can then be stored for oneself or shared with team members for collaboration, eliminating email and related issues. has a secure 'intranet space' where you can publish the note for consumption by members of your organization.

With most legacy
software, a team has to pre-define structure of their folders or
categories prior to creating any information. And every member of the
group is required to adhere to it and extend it only with caution.
Without this authoritative mechanism, information inadvertently runs
into chaos. This ends up being a serious waste of resource and yet the
final outcome of the information structure is far from satisfactory. counters the problems that folders and categories bring about with SlashTags. SlashTags are the pivot of SlashTags, are the most freeform, organic and social way of structuring information. SlashTags provide the flexibility of tags and the structure and path creation of hierarchical folders.

The crisp Bliki is delivered as a Software-as-a-Service offering an emergent mechanism of delivering software applications to customers over the Internet.

SaaS or On Demand software can be implemented rapidly and eliminates the infrastructure and ongoing costs that traditional applications require providing lower TCO and very high ROI. is completely delivered and managed over the web, and is setup instantly.The Enterprise Edition costs between $30 - $16 per user/month.

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