Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yuvraj Singh - 6-6-6-6-6-6 Broad Bashing

What a win. India has had three dramatic wins in the last 5 matches, very close matches that we lucked out on.

In the end, Yuvraj's innings was the only thing that separated England's chase from India's total. Gambhir and Sehwag did well to rack up at 100+ partnership, scoring freely and scampering for runs whenever they had the chance, but India's performance overall was pathetic. Three missed catches, ball flying just about everywhere.

What was Nasser Hussain on about, when he assured us all that a 150 total would be defend-able? It's good we put the goalpost to 220.

It's sad that superhuman effort is the only thing that assures India a victory, when consistency could do the same for you... with more consistency.

Bhajji and Pathan were lifesavers. That turned the game for us. God save us from Sreesanth and Agarkar. Joginder Sharma turns out to be Agarkar Jr. Same height, build, and bowling style. He was belted around unlucky as he was with two missed catches, one by Yuvraj himself.

This was quite a comeback from Singh, who was smashed for 5 sixes by Macacarena in the ODI series against England.

Twenty20 is a different ballgame, the bowler at death knows that he's going to be hammered, yet, Broad had no idea what to do with Yuvraj.

If we beat South Africa, we stand a good chance of seeing Pakistan all over again. Can't wait for that.

This Twenty20 world cup is so much better than the ODI world cup at West Indies. Shorter format, lasts a fortnight, and plenty of entertainment. I've been watching all the matches. Tomorrow's match is going to be crucial. But I don't think India can take on South Africa. South Africa saves 10 extras on an average, and another 15 in the field. Their death bowlers can york at will. It seems impossible.

But then again, I like being pessimistic. Saves me a lot of heartburn. Individual superstardom can win you a match, but it never wins you a series.

This goes into my top 5 cricketing moments, #1 being this.


choyon said...

I'm going to ask again, when did you get into cricket?

Sriram said...

I got nothing else going on man. If I had to choose between nothingness and cricket, I'd choose cricket :)

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