Sunday, October 14, 2007

Charlie Brooker - Screenwipe

Screenwipe is a TV show about television. On the face of it, a TV review guide is about as culturally relevant as a message board entry on, but the host Charlie Brooker gives the program such a hateful, pessimistic and witty edge that it's fun to watch even if you don't watch the telly at all. Or, if you're like me, downloading torrents of whatever is bearably entertaining.

Screenwipe is a highly editorialised cliff notes version of what's on the tube, interspersed with insider accounts, industry jargonry, and quick cuts to cameo sections like Despicable Fibs of the TV Lie Machine, and Talent Tales: True Stories of Pampered Presenters, and The Ten Biggest Cocks in Advertising.

Charlie Brooker's greatest creation was Nathan Barley, a scathing caricature for the uptown new media brat pack, ('a self-facilitating media node') so lovingly detailed in the TVGohome guide. He also writes a column for guardian called Screenburn, a lot of his best lines from these columns make it to the show.

Satire is best done by Brits; Brooker's high speed non stop TV commentary deserves a watch:

Screenwipe videos on Youtube:

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