Monday, December 03, 2007

Google reader recommends that I read this blog

I love using Google reader - it's the only RSS feed reader that I've actually used on a semi-permanent basis. But what is this? A new feature?! my dayz with myself is the Top Recommendation according to the smarty pants google. Did google buy xanga and port it to blogger?

I still lie pushed down in my seat , while maroon5 in my ears croons that she will be loved (Nice floating song .Chahiye to bol de. I hate piracy , starting tommorow)
And as I lie in my seat , watching people stand on each other's feet , I wonder , jaldi kya hai yaar ? This plane blows up in three minutes ?

Why does this blog have 117 subscribers? To a banal post like this:

Now I am as confident as a Shane Warne bowling to Sonu Nigam when I say that around 4 people on this planet would be interested in knowing about the person I am , assuming my family would be interested in that . But I guess thinking about oneself once in a while clears up things , and then why should only celebrities get to talk about themselves and their favorite colors and favorite dishes ? ( Tanushree Dutta says her favorite is Rajma Chawal . I am learning to cook rajma chawal now . Things I do for Tanu.).

Ashutosh said...

U r really awesome. Very witty and very interesting.

Who are these people?!

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Veena said...

Speaking of which, I checked out today for some Dems vs GOP vs Clinton updates - considering I haven't browsed CNN for oh, at least 3 months, here's what CNN recommends i read, 'based on past browsing':
- Bad foods that are actually good for your waist
- Giving birth becomes the latest job outsourced to India
- Diesels aren't dirty anymore
- Ten beauty resolutions you can keep
- Sarkozy vacations with ex-model