Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The most psychopathic corporations

Here's an abbreviated list of a very enjoyable thread: If you haven't seen the Corporation, I suggest you do that as well.

Also, the link to Smithfield Foods is one of the grossest reads ever.

Amway: Ran by rightwing fanatics, tries to legitimize other rightwing fanatics
Bayer: Was a part of IG Farben, sold HIV tainted drugs to Europe
Blackwater USA: Cons just about everyone they work for and hire. Frontline Piece
British East India Company: Too much.
Chiquita/United Fruit: Banana Republics
Congo Free State: Holy shit. Just, shit. No single sentence can do it justice. BBC Piece
CSC/ DynCorp: War profiteers, illegal sex trade, illegal drug trade
Custer Battles: Criminally incompetent war profiteers.
De Beers: Practically a worldwide diamond mafia Frontline Piece
Dow Chemical/Union Carbide: The Bhopal disaster
Enron: Price fixing and stole their employee's money.
Ford: Illegal toxic waste dumping, the Pinto scandal
IBM: Produced computers used by the Nazis during censuses, probably quite aware of what they intended
Dow Chemical: Responsibility in over 90 Superfund sites, The Bhopal disaster
IG Farben: Produced Zyklon B during the Holocaust, chemical weapons after
Nestlé: Price fixing, marketing baby formula to third world countries contributing to health problems, child labor, slave labor
Monsanto Company: Agent Orange, pollutes at rates that makes Captain Planet villians seem tame.Frontline Piece
Seimens: Used concentration camps as a source of slave labor, produced gas chambers during the Holocaust, responsible for a great deal of Nazi Germany's infrastructure
Shell Oil Company: Murdered Africans in the name of "energy exploration"
Smithfield Foods: Vast lagoons of pig shit. For more on other assorted evil fuckery, see the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union's article
Wal*Mart: Assorted mistreatment of works and other tomfoolery. Frontline Piece
WWASPS: Widespread child abuse and endangerment. Also its based in Utah

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You know who! said...

To this list you must add most Indian Software companies. Hell we're sold like ho's and boy do we get fucked!!!!!