Tuesday, May 12, 2009

When the fuck will we have a google android phone in India goddammit

And I hope it's for cheap. We don't want another 35k phone. Boo to Apple! Boo to Iphone users!! I hate you all!!!

Actually, you know what I'd watch? A series about a maniac who drives around singling out iPhone owners, slapping their stupid toys out of their hands and stamping on them. That's the first three minutes of each episode; the remaining 57 consist of an unflinching close-up of said iPhone owner's sorrowful face as they scoop all the bits of shattered iPhone off the pavement, clutch it to their bosom, and stagger down the pavement, weeping and lost and alone, unsure whether to carry the remains to the nearest A&E department or drop them in a bin and buy a new one.


Hope you all enjoyed watching Charlie booker's Newswipe, the episodes are available on youtube

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