Friday, December 18, 2009

The computer defeated me yesterday

Things I learnt and realised in a futile quest that lasted well over 3 working hours.

1) An Atom processor is frustrating you're trying to use Dragonnaturally speak 10. You need a good processor to get it to work well without lag.
Todo: try to pawn off netbook for a heavy duty replacement.
2) Google search is not that great if you are looking for tech support. The forums are full of pointless and obvious blather, keyword optimisation has beaten meaning, coherence, and relevance.
3) HP's online product and driver support is fairly detailed, but not helpful. Lots of words, very little solutions. Driver support is unreliable .
3a) HP had a battery recall program recently, but it doesn't cover the laptop I am using, which more than a year old and has a battery life of 5 minutes.
3a)HP Pavilion DV2519TU, like many other products of theirs, has a peculiar problem that has no solution: You cannot plug a mic headset into the DV2519TU if you are trying to use it for voice recognition. The laptop's built-in mic is no good for VSR. No amount of fiddling in V's sound settings is going to help you fix this either. A reoriented windows UI makes pine for Windows XP.
The connexant HD smart audio 221 has 25 MB driver updates that do not alleviate this problem.
Your best bet is to use a bluetooth headset, or get an external USB sound card. I got one for rs 200. Which is what I did this morning.
And now I am sorted.