Sunday, February 07, 2010

'What operating systems are supported by Tegra? | Tegra Developer Thread tells you all

Right now, support for a full Ubuntu filesystem is under discussion but there are no plans/schedule yet. However, support for a Linux kernel with installable X11 is actively being worked on and should be in the short future. Support for Android is coming very shortly.

Richard J. Seis
Mobile Developer Technologies

The coming initial Linux platform support pack is likely to include a 2.6.29 kernel, with a minimal Ubuntu-based busybox filesystem that includes apt-get support for expanding the supported packages easily. The support pack should also support the option to install a minimal X11R7.x server and accelerated drivers into the target filesystem. Other additional packages are being tested as a part of this release, but are not confirmed yet – we will detail those as the support pack continues towards release
Lars M. Bishop:
Developer Technologies Engineer,
NVIDIA Corporation

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