Monday, May 31, 2010

Why Apple Is So Sticky

Why Apple Is So Sticky: "011. Whitmore comes up with a cumulative investment in those devices of about $15 billion today, growing to $25 billion by the end of next year. 'This averages to ~$100 of content for each installed device,' Whitmore writes, 'suggesting switching costs are relatively high (not to mention the time required to port). When Apple's best-in-class user experience is combined with these growing switching costs, the resulting customer loyalty is unparalleled.''"

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

iA » WIRED on iPad: Just like a Paper Tiger…

A criticism of why a multi-column layout does not work on the iPad..

iA » WIRED on iPad: Just like a Paper Tiger…: "They complicate the mental navigation model: For example, what happens if I scroll left on the second page of an article? Do I go to the second or the first page of the neighboring article?

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Intel Abandons Discrete Graphics

Intel Abandons Discrete Graphics: "Stoobalou writes with this excerpt from Thinq: 'Paul Otellini may think there's still life in Intel's Larrabee discrete graphics project, but the other guys at Intel don't appear to share his optimism. Intel's director of product and technology media relations, Bill Kircos, has just written a blog about Intel's graphics strategy, revealing that any plans for a discrete graphics card have been shelved for at least the foreseeable future. 'We will not bring a discrete graphics product to market,' stated Kircos, 'at least in the short-term.' He added that Intel had 'missed some key product milestones' in the development of the discrete Larrabee product, and said that the company's graphics division is now 'focused on processor graphics.''

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Lost is finally over.

I saw a little bit of lost back in 2006, and finally it's over. I haven't seen a single episode of it yet, I was waiting for it to get over so that I'd have a clear estimate of how many hours of my life I'd be wasting on this tripe.

Charlie Brooker's Screen burn: Lost & 24 | Television & radio | The Guardian: " 

"I gave up on Lost (Sky1) some time during the first season, having decided it was just a bunch of irritating people going 'woo' on a rock in the sea. An episode detailing Charlie the rock star's backstory, replete with hammy flashbacks to a wildly implausible version of Manchester, was the final straw. But since then I'd heard from devoted fans, who insisted that despite a few major wobbles somewhere round the halfway point, it was actually well worth watching."