Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lost is finally over.

I saw a little bit of lost back in 2006, and finally it's over. I haven't seen a single episode of it yet, I was waiting for it to get over so that I'd have a clear estimate of how many hours of my life I'd be wasting on this tripe.

Charlie Brooker's Screen burn: Lost & 24 | Television & radio | The Guardian: " 

"I gave up on Lost (Sky1) some time during the first season, having decided it was just a bunch of irritating people going 'woo' on a rock in the sea. An episode detailing Charlie the rock star's backstory, replete with hammy flashbacks to a wildly implausible version of Manchester, was the final straw. But since then I'd heard from devoted fans, who insisted that despite a few major wobbles somewhere round the halfway point, it was actually well worth watching."

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